• Students of Lakehead from Junior Years

  • Students Performing Experiments in Class

  • Young Students Reciting Quran

  • Hajj Activity

  • Project: Masjid al Haraam

  • Science Fair Week @ Lakehead

Our Aims

At Lakehead we aim to provide the following for your child:

  • To develop an islamic personality through the inculcation of islamic values by integrating islam into the curriculum.
  • Opportunities for physical, cognitive and emotional development.
  • A secure and safe environment so that the child will not be afraid of new experiences.
  • Varied experiences for learning and completing developmental tasks.
  • To model islamic behaviour through our teachers as children learn and adopt new behaviour easily from those they idealise.
  • Freedom, opportunity and encouragement towards developing responsibility, self control and independence while maintaning respect for others.

Our Standards

Maintaining a high standard of education at Lakehead is our priority and to ensure this we have the following approach: -

Teacher Training:

We provide both inhouse and external training programmes for our teachers so that they are in tune with latest teaching techniques.

External Assessment:

From age 7+ onwards the school sends its students to take the Young Learners Exam (conducted by the British Council in conjuction with the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate) to ensure that the level of English is at an international standard.

Our students also participate in the Macmillan International Assessment for Schools formulated by The University of New South Wales.


Our Facilities

Multimedia Centre: An area has been set aside where concepts already taught in the classroom are reinforced using interactive learning via computers and the audio video unit. Children starting from Play Group will be using this facility.

Library for early learners: A careful selection of books for all levels of learners has been made available.

Activity Room: The incorporation of EPL and sensorial education which has been adapted from the Montessori approach.

Outdoor Play Area: The children have extensive outdoor play area which is crucial for the development of gross motor skills.

Skill Development

Field Trips:

Exciting educational field trips are arranged throughout the year to enhance students' learning.

Seminars and Workshops:

Seminars and workshops are conducted by renowned trainers from home and abroad for students and teachers to upgrade their learning. Mr. Akram Khan Cheema (OBE and CEO of IBERR) a leading global Muslim Educationist. Ms. Sabariah Faridah the founder of the Little Caliphs Programme in Malaysia, and trainers from the UK provide ongoing training sessions to enlighten our teachers regarding different aspects of education. A NASA scientist was among our students giving valuable insight into the world of space.